We are a Not for Profit Charity,  proudly serving the needs of the Community throughout Ireland since 1876 

Nursing and Residential Care

Our Network

The Sisters of Nazareth have built a legacy with deep routed social ties in Ireland. Nazareth Care is established on four continents with 43 homes globally.

Religious Communities

The Sisters of Nazareth is a Catholic organisation, linked to a global network of established religious communities.

The Sisters of Nazareth are committed to provide care for the vulnerable regardless of demographics, ethnicity or religious belief. 

Nazareth Care is founded on the core values of the Sisters of Nazareth: Compassion, Hospitality, Love, Respect, Patience and Justice.

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Nazareth Care Welcome

Our Welcome

Nazareth Care provides a safe, comfortable homely environment for all our residents. 

Our care homes provide the highest standards of service and care, for both our long term and short term residents.

We treat all our residents as individuals and respect their right to privacy, dignity and independence.

We welcome family and friends involvement in their relatives care.  Each person entering Nazareth House is an individual and remains one.

Core Values

Nazareth operates with a series of Core Values. These are principles that govern the daily lives of all our staff and volunteers. 


Our six core values:

Being open and attentive to the whole person, spiritually, physically and emotionally; showing empathy for the suffering of others and trying to relieve that suffering; attentive listening skills; self-knowledge and awareness; consideration of others.

Residents should feel and experience compassion, kindness and understanding from staff; consideration, empathy and dignity when receiving care.

We offer 24-hour personal support to those with a condition that requires frequent specialised nursing care.


Welcoming and receiving all into a warm, friendly and open atmosphere.

Residents should feel and experience a clean, safe and welcoming environment for the resident and their visitors; security; belonging; availability of meals, snacks and drinks as desired; choice of eating in their room or dining room.

Concern for the good of others, shown through patience and kindness; commitment to delivering the Core Values; how you inspire others and your contribution to the team. 

Residents should feel and experience: supported, fulfilled; human rights are respecteds; kindness; residents or their advocate are involved in compiling their care plan; supported by having the relevant assessments to support them in meeting their needs.

Person centred (i.e. treating each person as individual); showing thoughtfulness, courtesy and care; positive behaviour; empathy, observant to the needs of other.

Residents should feel and experience a sense of being valued; privacy and confidentiality observed; encouraged to do what they want, within their limitations; called by their preferred name.

Demonstrate patience, tolerance and understanding: staff are available, willing, accessible and polite; take time to listen; having a positive influence on others.

Residents should feel and experience: comfortable and not rushed; tolerance in assisting with their needs; empowered to complete tasks.

Upholding what is fair decent and right; staff offer their support and skills; seek feedback from the team or residents, valuing contributions from others. 

Residents should feel and experience choice in all matters relating to them; their needs are met, and rights are respected. 

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